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Are you in the market for an experienced, cost-effective and results-focused business development solution? One you can implement in the short term and rely on for the long term? Then, let’s talk.

We speak your language and understand your challenges. With a combined 40+ years of hands-on, agency-side new business experience, we understand your reality and have a proven system for delivering results.

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Business development is more than talk.

Creating and executing an actionable program
based on sound strategy is where the real battles are won.

Ours is a total solution approach that includes:



  • Working with you to define your firm’s unique market position and sales advantage

  • Creating a finely-tuned prospect universe and supportive database management system

  • Developing inbound and outbound strategies to articulate your position
    and get you traction with your target audience


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  • Building and continually monitoring the cleanest and most comprehensive custom database available…period

  • Conducting effective traditional and non-traditional outreach as a representative member of your team

  • Getting you qualified meetings with key decision makers that are in the market for your services

  • Guiding relationship development strategies that move you closer to the close

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The Hanlon Group attacks business development with great enthusiasm and a bull dog's persistence . . . but maintains a soft touch that gets the job done.
– Brian Odell, President at Catalyst, Inc.

The new business program that the Hanlon Group brought to the table is yielding great results. Their methodical approach and unrelenting pursuit of our new client acquisition goals has turned us into a marketing machine.
– Dan Greenwald, CEO/Chief Creative Officer White Rhino

The Hanlon Group brings a solid, systematic approach to the generation of new business. They are seasoned pros and hit the ground running. A delight to work with.
— Chris Duval, Partner, McCabe, Duval + Associates


New Business Lifeline

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The International Marine signal flag letter "H" communicates, "I have a pilot on board."

We believe you should always have a pilot on board
to expertly guide your business development needs.

Our identity reflects our coastal location and love of the sea.
It also signals our deeper purpose . . . to provide a steady hand
to navigate your business through both the calm and stormy waves of opportunity. 

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