Ad Agency New Business: A Narrow Agency Position Means More Prospects, Not Fewer


Clients are no longer looking for "full service" broad scope agencies. They want specialists. Industry specialists, service specialists, audience specialists. Few mid-size agencies, however, are willing to put a stake in the ground when it comes to a truly niche position. Even fewer successfully articulate and promote that focus. The bottom line:  most agencies look and feel the same to prospects who are inundated with promotional material touting integrated approaches and pretty pictures that many can claim.

On some level, we all know this. So, why do most agencies fail when it comes to walking their talk? FEAR. Fear that specializing means limiting their prospect universe. WRONG! Agencies that don't focus rarely gain traction or win business outside of their regional geography. As a result, they LIMIT their target audience and, more importantly, their value to prospective clients.

Is your agency properly positioned to attract high quality new clients? Clients that view you as a business partner and not a project shop or vendor? Lets’s put your position to the test.