Ad Agency New Business: The Cobbler's Children Need Shoes


We all understand the value of a robust social media program. More than likely, you are managing a few for your clients. So why do you drop the ball when it comes to your agency’s social brand? More than likely the answer is TIME. We often neglect our own business while ensuring that our clients are well heeled. In this and subsequent posts, we will offer some practical tips that will help you quickly turn social media into a valuable new business tool – starting with the most popular, Facebook.

As you know, Facebook’s algorithm curates its newsfeed so users see items that interest them. With engagement driving visibility, insights on what followers find useful and entertaining are essential.

ASK and You Shall Receive

Facebook followers need to feel like you get them. So, ASK and LISTEN, instead of TELLING them about what you think they should find interesting.

Heighten engagement by asking professional or personal questions to learn more about your followers’ interests. Shelve content that gets ignored including: generic marketing trend articles, award show participation and office excursion photos.

Turn your followers into advocates by asking probing questions about subjects that genuinely appeal to them.

A fun example might be:

“Which agency would you hire? Sterling Cooper or D&D Advertising? Why?” (A reference to television's Mad Men and 90210 ad agencies.)

You might sweeten the pot by making it a contest, giving the follower with the best answer a Blu-ray disc of the show that they chose.

It is also becoming increasingly important to produce content in visual form (e.g., infographics, text overlay images). According to Kissmetrics, posts with images get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs.

So, start by asking a few questions, then listen, and utilize Facebook Insights (and any other automation tools you work with) to see what content drives engagement. By allocating the time to put your best social foot forward, you will turn followers into advocates and, ideally, prospects.

Note:  If your agency position is a general one, your social success will be limited. Make this the year that you communicate your unique market position.